Terrorist Attack in NYC–AGAIN!

This morning, Dec. 11, there was another terrorist attack. This time the attack was in the subway system near 42nd St. in NYC. Thankfully, it appears that the pipe bomb did not explode as the terrorist designed it. So there was not a lot of damage. Only four people, including the suspect, have been injured by the explosion. So far, none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. Had this bomb exploded as intended, the results could have been catastrophic. Casualties and injuries could have been in the hundreds.

This specific attack hits home for me (figuratively) more than some of the other attacks. Every Friday I attend a meeting in Manhattan. In fact, I get off at the 42nd St. subway stop. On a cold day, I even walk through the tunnel between 7th Ave. and 8th Ave. This is the exact location where the bomb exploded. So, like thousands of other New Yorkers, I find myself saying, “Wow, I know exactly where that is. I go there all the time. I could have been there!”

So how are we as Christians supposed to conduct our lives in an increasingly dangerous world? First of all, we need to be wise. If you see that you are in danger, or you sense that you might be in danger, get away from that as soon as possible. If you ride the subways you have undoubtedly had the experience of a person who is not in his right mind getting onto your subway car. If you sense he/she might be dangerous, switch subway cars. Don’t make a big scene. Just quietly get into a different subway car. We have all done that. If you need a quart of milk at the corner bodega, don’t go out to get it at 2:00 a.m. Be wise.

But I do not believe that Christians should be walking around afraid:

1) God is always with us. He is our Protector. Nothing can injure us unless God allows it.
2) We know where we are going when we die.
3) “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (II Tim. 1:7)

I have another meeting this Friday morning. I will again take the subway and get off at 42nd St. If it is cold, I will walk through the same tunnel I walked through last week. I will probably be a little nervous while doing it (Hey, being honest here!). But I refuse to be ruled by fear. I choose to walk by faith.

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  1. Amen ,Pastor Joe we must walk by faith and not by sight God is in control of all things .This is why the bomber was hurt a lot more people were not but God’s hand was there.

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