Crashing into Heaven ​by Joe Fletcher
(The following is an excerpt from Chapter 1)

I thought a lot about Heaven while I was living on earth.  I often wondered what my initial moments would be like.  What would I notice first?  Would it be the sights or the sounds?  Would it be the immediate joy of seeing friends and loved ones who had died in Christ years or decades before me?  Would any of them be there to greet me when I first arrived?  What would it be like to enjoy the freedom of a perfect body?  Would I even have a body, or would I have to wait for the final resurrection spoken of in I Thessalonians 4 before I received a physical body?

After the collision—even before I opened my eyes—I realized that I was in Heaven.  I was immediately struck with the absolute holiness, the purity of my new existence. Although I did not see the Father, the Son or the Spirit physically my first day in Heaven, I clearly felt the presence of God the instant I arrived into Heaven.  This Presence was overpowering and wonderful.  It was holy, and I knew that my earthly body would never have been able to endure this kind of holiness.  I also knew that I would always be in that Presence.  I had always felt that I was a fairly secure person while living on the earth, but I had never known this kind of security:  it was Absolute.  I immediately knew that doing evil was now unthinkable.  Not only would I never sin again, I would never even have the ability to sin.  I had usually tried to live a holy life while I was on earth, but I never realized, at the time, how much, even on my best days, sin had bound me.  I was finally free!


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