Crashing into Heaven ​by Joe Fletcher
(The following is an excerpt from Crashing into Heaven)

Now suddenly I recognized everyone but one person. And although that person seemed to look familiar, she kept far enough away so that I could not get a good look at her. Still, I was certain that I had never met her. On top of everything else, although there was some resemblance to their earthly lives, most did not look like what they had looked like when I had last seen them on earth. Most looked younger. A few who had died as children looked older. Yet I still recognized them. I remembered them. How was I able to process all of this so thoroughly? It felt like my brain had gone from a tricycle to a Ferrari!

Wrinkles were gone. Certainly no one was stooped over or limping. Not one person was wearing glasses. That sounds like such a small thing, but it was surprising to me how many people I had previously been accustomed to seeing only with glasses. In fact, for the first time I noticed that I was not wearing glasses. I had worn glasses since I was twelve years old. But now they were gone. Yet, everything was crystal clear. I knew that I would never wear glasses again. Some of the men wore beards, but most appeared to be clean-shaven. No one had gray hair or any other sign of age (at least the way I had always judged age). No one was bald. As all of this dawned on me, I instinctively felt the top of my head. It did not matter to me at all, but I was suddenly so curious. Although I had been bald my last thirty years on earth, I now had hair again! It was a little longer than I had ever worn it on earth. It was thicker than I had ever felt it. When the crowd noticed me feeling for hair on my head, they all laughed! And I laughed. I laughed at my own silliness. And I laughed because I was overjoyed with the perfection I saw around me—and my own perfection. I had worn a beard for the last twenty-four years of my earthly life. For whatever reason, I was now clean-shaven.

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