Crashing into Heaven ​by Joe Fletcher
(The following is an excerpt from Crashing into Heaven)

While I was thinking about my new body, I quickly felt the inside of my mouth with my tongue. On earth, I had several problems with my teeth. They were a little crooked. One of my front teeth had a small chip. Another was broken. But now I quickly realized that none of my teeth were broken or chipped. I also noticed that they were straight—completely straight. Even the four wisdom teeth that had been extracted when I was a teenager had reappeared. No wonder the smiles in Heaven looked so beautiful. Everyone’s teeth were perfect!

There was something else remarkable about everyone’s appearance. It wasn’t just their apparent youth. We were all in our sinless new bodies. This sinlessness was clearly the reason for everyone looking so young. But this sinlessness also produced something else. Everyone looked innocent. We have all seen people on earth who have lived wretched lives. Excessive drug use, immorality, or other sins sometimes show on people’s faces. They look hard, miserable, and evil. But in Heaven, our sins have been completely removed from us “as far as the East is from the West.” This “sin removal” changes everyone’s appearance. This innocence helped to produce the overwhelming external beauty that I saw in each person. There are no ugly people in Heaven. There aren’t even average-looking people in Heaven. Everyone is extraordinary. We are made in the image of our Creator, and we are no longer marred by any sin that would in any way diminish what He has created!

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