Crashing into Heaven ​by Joe Fletcher
(The following is the preface of Crashing into Heaven.  Check back next week for the next segment )

Preface—My Last Moments on Earth

Life on earth is fragile. I had always known that. As a co-pastor in a church in the South Bronx, I had often taught that. But on a frigid winter night in early March, I would experience it.

Like so many winter days that year, there was snow and ice on the ground. Typically, the temperatures would rise in the daytime and drop below freezing at night. There would be significant melting in the day, and at night things would refreeze.

I was driving home alone on I-95 from a late Monday night church leadership meeting. Because my wife Christine had been suffering with the flu, she missed the meeting. Without notice, I hit a patch of black ice and completely lost control of our minivan. The van spun around one and a half times right in the middle of the interstate. The traffic that had been moving with me was now coming straight at me! I had no time to recover or react. Before I could regain control, I was struck by a semi-truck. I have no memory of the impact. I only remember the headlights coming straight at me. A moment before the collision, a strange, wonderful peace came upon me. I knew I was about to die. I did not choose this, but I was ready. Although that last moment on earth seemed to go by in slow motion, I was killed instantly.

After my death, there was no tunnel of light. There were no angelic escorts. I simply closed my eyes on earth and opened them in Heaven. But that was just my experience. In a very short time, I would come to learn that people arrived into the Kingdom in a number of different ways.



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