Late Term Abortion Legalized in New York State—May God Help Us All!

On January 22, 2019 the New York State Assembly and the New York State Senate voted to pass the “Reproductive Health Act.”  Govern Andrew Cuomo signed it into law.  This sounds harmless.  Actually, it sounds positive.  Who isn’t for the “reproductive health” of women?  But don’t let the name of the bill deceive you.  This bill, in my opinion, is the most tragic, gruesome, and horrific bill ever signed into law.

This bill legalizes abortion after 24 weeks if it is determined that the life or health of the mother is in jeopardy.  Translation:  If a woman says that a baby is bad “for her health,” she can abort it at any time.  She can have it aborted the day before her due date!

To really understand how savage this is, it is helpful (although disturbing) to understand the process of a late-term abortion.  A late-term abortion will generally involve crushing and dismembering the baby while the baby is in his mother’s uterus, and then removing the body parts from the uterus. Did you get that???  A late-term abortion will crush the baby, chop up the baby, and then remove the baby from the uterus piece by piece!  This is barbaric.  This is murder, pure and simple!  And those who voted for this bill, and Governor Cuomo who signed it into law, have blood on their hands. That is NOT an overstatement.

Some will read this article and call me extreme.  That is laughable.  Late-term abortion proponents vote in favor of allowing a mother to have her baby crushed and dismembered right up until his due date, and   I   am the one who is extreme???  God help us all!