World Changer by Karen Vaughn

In the book World Changer author Karen Vaughn tells the true story of the life and death of her son Aaron Vaughn.  Aaron was a Navy Seal who was killed in action in 2011 in a helicopter crash while on deployment in Afghanistan.  World Changer is well-written, honest, and deeply personal.  The Vaughn family is extremely patriotic.  And their Christian faith is at the very core of who they are.  This book will make you laugh.  It will make you cry.  And it might just change you.

World Changer will be an inspiration to anyone who reads it.  It will be especially helpful for anyone who has suffered a profound loss.  If you are a Christian, this book will encourage you.  If you are not a Christian, this book might make you consider becoming one.

World Changer is more than the heroic story about the life and death of Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn.  It is also the story of an all-American family who endured the worst tragedy imaginable, yet still managed to cling to their faith and use their lives to honor Christ.


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