An Open Letter to TD Bank

Recently TD Bank has made the decision to market their banking services to the gay and lesbian community.  I get that.  You are a bank.  You want as many customers as possible.  And these customers will come from all walks of life.  I have no problem with that.  But you have chosen to market to the gay and lesbian community by celebrating their lifestyle.  This is where I have a problem.  I fully believe that the gay and lesbian community has the right to celebrate their lifestyle in this country.  But, as an evangelical Christian, I also believe that I have an equal right to say that their lifestyle is immoral. And I say that with no malice.

But I am not trying to appeal to you on the basis of morality.  I realize that a lot of people disagree with my moral beliefs.  I have no problem with that either.  We are all free to believe what we want to believe.  And I wouldn’t want to change that.  Rather, I would appeal to your bottom line.

A few years ago Target tried to push a transgender agenda in some of their ads.  Many people of faith were offended by that and stopped shopping at Target.  Target paid a huge price for that.  Literally millions of people stopped shopping at their stores.  I still won’t shop there.  Their stock plummeted.  When the gay and lesbian agenda is pushed in our face, some of us, like me, will push back.  But most will not.  Honestly, most evangelical Christians will probably barely notice your commercials.  But some will.  And most of those who do notice will not speak up—even if they are offended.  They will remain silent.  But they will also quietly choose to do business with a bank other than TD Bank.

I fully expect that your recent ads will help you gain customers from those who are sympathetic to the gay and lesbian agenda.  But have you factored in how many customers you might lose because of this ad campaign?  Generally, people of faith don’t make a lot of noise regarding stuff like this.  I am undoubtedly the exception.  Most will just change banks!


Pastor Joe Fletcher