The Bible clearly says that we can't even imagine what heaven will be like. But I decided to try in MY BOOK "Crashing Into Heaven".


MY BLOG offers my unique perspective as an inner city pastor on relevant current events. Please take a moment to read and comment on some of my posts.


MY LIFE as a husband, father, and Pastor in the Bronx hasn't always been easy but I treasure the wisdom and growth it has afforded me.


I want this site to be more interactive and personally relevant to my readers, so I’ve added a new category to my blog.  Every week I will answer one of your questions concerning an issue that many Christians struggle to deal with in their every day lives. If you would like to submit a question, please message me on my Facebook Page or with the form on our Contact Us page.  For the first week,  I made up a question that I’m pretty sure is relevant. In fact, my beautiful wife had to deal with this exact issue when she was working in an office in Manhattan several years ago..